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    Sample Questions


    To what should an application connect to retrieve security tokens?



    Your company has several business units.Each business unit requires 20 different Azure resources for daily operation. All the business units require the same type of Azure resources.

    You need to recommend a solution to automate the creation of the Azure resources. What should you include in the recommendations?



    Your company plans to request an architectural review of an Azure environment from Microsoft. The company currently has a Basic support plan. You need to recommend a new support plan for the company. The solution must minimize costs.

    Which support plan should you recommend?



    You have an Azure environment that contains 10 virtual networks and 100 virtual machines.

    You need to limit the amount of inbound traffic to all the Azure virtual networks. What should you create?



    Your company plans to purchase Azure.

    The company’s support policy states that the Azure environment must provide an option to access support engineers by phone or email. You need to recommend which support plan meets the support policy requirement.
    Solution: Recommend a Basic support plan. Does this meet the goal?


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