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    Udemy: AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Expert – Prc Test:UPDATED 2020 (165 questions)

    Sample Questions


    You manage build pipelines and deployment pipelines by using Azure DevOps.

    Your company has a team of 500 developers. New members are added continually to the team.

    You need to automate the management of users and licenses whenever possible.

    Which task must you perform manually?



    You are developing a multi-tier application. The application will use Azure App Service web apps as the front end and an Azure SQL database as the back end. The application will use Azure functions to write some data to Azure Storage.

    You need to send the Azure DevOps team an email message when the front end fails to return a status code of 200.

    Which feature should you use?



    During a code review, you discover many quality issues. Many modules contain unused variables and empty catch blocks.

    You need to recommend a solution to improve the quality of the code.

    What should you recommend?



    Your company has an on-premises Bitbucket Server that is used for Git-based source control. The server is protected by a firewall that blocks inbound Internet traffic.

    You plan to use Azure DevOps to manage the build and release processes.

    Which two components are required to integrate Azure DevOps and Bitbucket?

    NOTE: Each correct answer presents part of the solution.



    Your company plans to use an agile approach to software development.

    You need to recommend an application to provide communication between members of the development team who work in locations around the world. The applications must meet the following requirements:

    • Provide the ability to isolate the members of different project teams into separate communication channels and to keep a history of the chats within those channels.
    • Be available on Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.
    • Provide the ability to add external contractors and suppliers to projects.
    • Integrate directly with Azure DevOps.

    What should you recommend?


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